SignCraft is the premier designer and manufacturer of signs near Bloomington.

Our Bloomington sign company designs and manufactures a wide array of customized interior and exterior signage types, including, but not limited to, monument signs, vehicle graphics, banners, channel letter signs, interior signs, real estate signage and more. Your project is designed and customized to your specifications and manufactured on-site in our Indianapolis facility.

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Bloomington Sign Company

We provide:

  • Interior Signs: SignCraft will design, fabricate and install your indoor signage.
  • Outdoor Signs: Our sign company will fabricate and erect your signage – as well as providing repair and maintenance services.
  • Sign Types: Unlike other sign companies, the sky’s the limit when you work with SignCraft. We’re equipped to create a wide variety of both traditional and non-traditional signage.
  • Commercial Signs: Let us produce the signs you need to advertise your business or brand.
  • Services: Our sign company can provide graphic design, logo creation, project management, delivery and a variety of other services based on your needs.

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